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Often a business is in need of upgrading their facility.  But getting it done can be challenge.  It can put a strain on internal resources without directly benefiting your core business.  As a result, upgrades are often  placed on hold until an unknown future date.  Here we will show you a way to update your facility without the strain.  We provide the resources to help overcome the challenges. Let us show you how to become more energy efficient today!


We invite you to review our site.  When you are ready, contact us to speak with one of our REDAAP Specialists.  See what TEU Services can do for you!

We are changing the way lighting is upgraded & managed by accelerating the process of having great lighting for your facility. 

REDAAP helps make our clients financially stronger while freeing up your time to work on the important things.

It's very important for your business to get the right solution the first time, a solution that will work for you, your customers and your employees.

Energy calculations are created for the Delta of the pre-REDAAP and post-REDAAP lighting.

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REDAAP was developed so you could accelerate the process of having an energy efficient building without having to “take over” the process, tap into your financial resources or redirect your internal workforce. We wanted you to be able to move forward with efficient lighting and, at the same time, be able to stay focused on your core business.

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We discovered it’s difficult for most companies to upgrade to energy efficient lighting even though they have a real need for the upgrade.


The challenge comes from the lighting industry being geared for new construction, major remodels or maintenance, but not for upgrades.


Companies wanting to upgrade have a hard time moving forward when they have to “take over” the upgrade process to get it done.


For an upgrade, you have to manage the process internally, tie up your money, locate, install and maintain the equipment and cover the risk.


We developed a program called REDAAP to solve this need.

REDAAP is a comprehensive maintenance service that takes care of your lighting for five years. We replacing the existing lighting with LED lights using our money, Specialists, Engineering Team, and  Installers.

How REDAAP Works

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Providing our clients with the utmost quality in lighting and maintenance is key in our company. Many business owners don't realize just how much time or how many resources are used every day dealing with flickering lights, burned out lights or broken light fixtures. We here at TEU know how much time and resources are consumed and created a program called REDAAP to both help Reduce Energy Demands Across American and reduce the maintenace overload.

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