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Most business owners don't realize just how much maintenance time and resources are spent everyday dealing with lighting issues. That's why we created REDAAP to help you reduce your maintenance overload. We provide our clients the utmost quality and services with our lighting program.

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    New Construction

    REDAAP is design to accelerate the process of having an energy efficient facility. When it comes to new construction, a different challenge exists.  


    Here’s how we handle your new construction projects


    Energy Management

    Increase Light Levels

    Light Design

    1. Our Engineering Team normally works with your Electrical Engineer who is responsible for the final design that will be used to get construction permits. We furnish light fixture

              specifications for their calculations and load design.


    2. Lighting design is handled by our Engineering Team using design software. Our focus is to achieve you overall Scope of Work objectives while meeting proper lighting



    3. Our lighting designs will be submitted to your Electrical Engineer and/or Architect to be included in your final set of blueprints.

    Electrical Engineering, Lighting Design and Blueprints

    During the construction phase we deliver the products on schedule.

    Our preference is to handle the installation, often including the wiring infrastructure when practical.

    Construction Phase

    Semi-annual visits are schedule for standard lighting review and maintenance work. We work directly with the facility Manager to coordinate this effort.

    Additional maintenance visits will be scheduled if issues arise between regularly scheduled visits.


    The Services Fee is not a lease or a loan. It’s a monthly Service Fee that covers the cost of the upgrade and maintenance for 5-years.

    Services Fee

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    REDAAP is a full service maintenance program. That means REDAAP pays for the lights and installation, writes the Scope of Work, designs for “better than or equal to” your existing lighting, plus take care of the ongoing maintenance for five or seven years.


    1. Is the focus going to be energy management? Or,

    2. Is the focus on lighting design and aesthetic appeal? Or,  

    3. Is the focus to use REDAAP financing to get the project back in budget?


    Develop a Scope of Work

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