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Most business owners don't realize just how much maintenance time and resources are spent everyday dealing with lighting issues. That's why we created REDAAP to help you reduce your maintenance overload. We provide our clients the utmost quality and services with our lighting program.

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    REDAAP is a Full Service Lighting Maintenance Program


    REDAAP is designed to make it easy for you to have an energy efficient building. We purchase and install LED lights that will replace the old, inefficient lighting with LED and provide light that is better than or equal to your existing lighting. You don’t have to work on specifications, we do that. You don’t have to borrow money or get a lease or write a check, we use our money. 

    The monthly Service Fee doesn’t begin till after we have completed the installation and you get to enjoy LED lighting before spending a single dime. The beauty of REDAAP: the money you were paying to the utility company for electricity and the money spent on maintaining the old lights will cover the Service Fee. Instead of having to come up with money to cover the Service Fee, you don’t. 

    [pronounced RED - AAP]

    REDAAP is a Service Agreement that accelerates the process of installing efficient lighting from a two or three year maintenance cycle into … all at once. Our lighting specialist make the selections … we use commercial grade lighting designed to far outlast our 5-year or 7-year service agreement. Old lights are recycled to eliminate the toxic mercury and lead. Installation is handled by our Project Managers and licensed electrical contractors. Maintenance is taken care of if any of our lights fail.


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