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Most business owners don't realize just how much maintenance time and resources are spent everyday dealing with lighting issues. That's why we created REDAAP to help you reduce your maintenance overload. We provide our clients the utmost quality and services with our lighting program.

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    A Stronger Business

    It runs against our common sense to say installing efficient lighting can make a business stronger. When using the “Traditional” process of upgrading lighting, you are absolutely right!  Lighting efficiency upgrades require your money and your time as you manage the project to get the upgrade completed. Nothing in the traditional process can do more for you than turning on your lights.


    But if you upgrade using REDAAP, we can strengthen your business! Unlike the traditional process, we bring the financing, the management, the products, the installers and the maintenance for five years. We use our financial strength and efficiency expertise for you.

    You stay focused on running your company.

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    The monthly Maintenance Service Fee expense is offset by your lowered electric bills and you existing maintenance costs.  You may even experience a slight budget surplus without taking on new debt or tying up your capital.  You keep your money. You get to upgrade your lighting virtually free of charge.  


    You have minimal involvement in the process. No more tying up your personnel with the myriad of steps required to oversee an upgrade. You and your employees stay focused on running your company.


    Since we are maintaining your energy efficient lighting for the next five years, you get to market this to potential tenants as a “Green Incentive”.  They in turn can market themselves as being a “Green Conscious Company”.  You will be a great company for them to do business with.  They will enjoy the way you are running your company and more likely to refer business to you.


    REDAAP lowers the risk for you and your business. We will be investing heavily in your business so it is in both of our best interest to get you the correct lighting.  You get the security of having a true LED lighting expert design, install, and maintain your lighting for five years.

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