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Most business owners don't realize just how much maintenance time and resources are spent everyday dealing with lighting issues. That's why we created REDAAP to help you reduce your maintenance overload. We provide our clients the utmost quality and services with our lighting program.

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    Traditional Upgrade vs.

    REDAAP is design to speed up the process of upgrading your facility to LED lighting.

    REDAAP is scalable across multiple locations and was design to quicken the process of upgrading to LED lighting for all your facilities.

    Lighting has finally moved into the 21st century.  Now it is time for you to join it.  For the first time since fluorescent lighting appeared in the 1920's, lighting has advanced and become fully electronic.  Your lighting should be maintained by a specialist just as you do with your air conditioning and plumbing.  


    Traditional upgrades were easy when everyone had decades of experience installing lighting.  New technology requires training and experience to get the right fixtures installed in your business.  


    We bring 7 years of experience in designing, installing, and maintaining LED lights.  We have installed hundreds of thousands of LED lights in projects from the East Coast to the West Coast.  Our REDAAP program is the easiest way you will find to bring your lighting out the the 1920's into today's high tech world.

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