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Most business owners don't realize just how much maintenance time and resources are spent everyday dealing with lighting issues. That's why we created REDAAP to help you reduce your maintenance overload. We provide our clients the utmost quality and services with our lighting program.

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    Increase Your Business

    Digital signs have become more affordable than ever. They promote your business and generate walk-in traffic. Easily track if a sign is bringing more customers to your door.


    We will install and maintain our 10mm Digital Sign(s) on your property. You will have complete control over the advertising.


    Most businesses have more traffic driving past their store than visits to their website. Digital signage will get their attention.

    For qualified customers, we install our LED Digital Sign(s) on your property. We give you 100% access to the advertising on the sign to market your business and promote your products.


    We own and maintain the sign. If there is a problem, we fix it at our expense. We will train you on the software so you can change the advertising as often as you want.


    Our Digital Signs will attract the attention of those customers that are passing you by everyday. Most of them don't even know you exist. Let your local customers know about your Daily Specials, product closeouts, or even local community affairs.  




    How our Program Works

    What it Costs

    We will install and maintain the LED Digital Sign. You pay a monthly service fee for the use of the sign. The monthly fee does not begin until after the sign is in place and operating. We train you and offer advice on what and how to market your business specific to your industry.










    Research Shows

    Digital displays capture 400% more views than static signs


    83% of people recall seeing at least one ad on a digital billboard in the past 30 days


    25% of national companies are placing a high priority on digital signage campaigns


    63% of people say that digital signage captures their attention


    Digital video reaches 45% more people than all other forms of video


    Fast food restaurants are converting over to eye-catching digital screens


    Digital signs can reduce perceived wait times at checkout by as much as 35%



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